general commissions are currently
email us with commission inquiries
✉ chowfurart[at] ✉
or reach out through Telegram
✉ @chowfur ✉

acrylic charm commissions

if you have any questions, please reach out via email
✉ chowfurart[at] ✉
-to order, email me or reach out through one of my social medias-
✦ prices are in USD ✦
✦ prices may vary depending on complexity ✦

✦ belly shaker charms ✦
Custom shaker charm of your character, and includes two mini charms; design of your choosing. Your choice of keychain color.
Includes three, four-inch charms mailed to you, and the digital .PNG
✦ Non-transparent stomach lining detail +$25
If Stomach Lining Detail is chosen, there will be an additional $25 fee.
The back of your charm will be complete, with no window. On the window side, there will be a background. Standard background is candygore guts, if you would like something different, let us know before payment is sent.
Inquire about ordering larger quantities.
For personal use only. Not for individual resale.

✦ headache shaker charm ✦
Custom shaker charm of your character, and includes three mini charms; design of your choosing. Your choice of keychain color.
Includes three, four-inch charms mailed to you, and the digital .PNG
$150Inquire about ordering larger quantities.
For personal use only. Not for individual resale.

custom lighter commissions

✦ submit an application to commission ✦
select the google form link below to submit an application.
If the form is closed, I am not taking on new commissions.
commissions are opened periodically via twitter and telegram announcement
✦ updates are posted on my telegram channel
if you have any questions, please reach out via email
✉ chowfurart[at] ✉
✦ prices are in USD ✦
✦ prices may vary depending on complexity ✦

✦ lighter ✦
Includes illustration commission, one pre-wrapped lighter, and several extra lighter wraps.
$125Inquire about ordering larger quantities.
For personal use only. Not for individual resale.

telegram sticker commissions

✦ submit an application to commission ✦
select the google form link below to submit an application.
If the form is closed, I am not taking on new commissions.
commissions are opened periodically via twitter and telegram announcement
✦ updates are posted on my telegram channel
if you have any questions, please reach out via email
✉ chowfurart[at] ✉
✦ prices are in USD ✦
✦ prices may vary depending on complexity ✦

-client receives transparent 512x512 file to make into their own sticker pack. Credit sticker is given as well, and must be added to the pack.
-waist up by default, though you may request fullbody, headshot, ect.
-flat color, no shading.
-may request props or text for no additional charge.
-no explicit nsfw themes
references for poses are not required, but appreciated. especially if you would like a meme draw-over or specific pose.
client must provide a flat, unshaded digital reference sheet, and any additional details during transaction. I do not work off of character descriptions.
Telegram sticker packs are made to be used in the instant messaging app, "Telegram", though they may be resized and used in other messaging app's that allow custom emojis. You may also use the digital art files for personal use (restrictions stated in TOS) so long as the artwork itself is not edited. You may not use my art for profit under any circumstances.---
✦ base prices ✦
⊱singles: $40
⊱four pack: $150
⊱eight pack: $300
✦ add-ons | per sticker ✦
⊱ych: +$10
additional cost per sticker for "you" or "YCH" stand ins.
⊱extra character: +$15
additional cost per sticker for each additional character.


This is my "YCH" design!
If you want a YCH insert in your sticker pack, this is the design and colors that will be used.

digital art commissions

✦ Be sure to read through my Terms of Service before commissioning ✦
✦ For commission inquiries, utilize my contact form or linked socials from the top of the page ✦
✦ prices are in USD ✦
✦ prices may vary depending on complexity ✦
client must provide a digital reference sheet, and any additional details during transaction. I do not work off of character descriptions.

character illustration

i. ✦ Character Illustrations ✦
full-body illustration of your character of choice
-flat color; no shading
-client may request props
-minimal/flat background
✦ $150 per character ✦
$100 per vehicle ✦ | currently not available

reference sheets

does not include design fee
client must have an existing reference

✦ starting at $200
base price includes:
⊱front and back of your character
⊱name and color palette
⊱written details
⊱flat color; no shading
⊱flat background
✦ add-ons ✦
⊱headshot +$50
⊱fullbody side profile +$75
⊱items/props +$25/each
⊱detail shots (paw close up, maw closeup, ect) +$50
⊱inquire about additional detail shots that are not on this list

terms of service

client agrees to the following
Please read through this page. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. No refunds will be given due to misunderstanding these terms.
Last updated 03.21.2023

We are usually open for commissions. Most of our commission openings are held through google forms.
Once you have applied or contacted me about a commission, please allow 48 hours for us to get back with you.
We do not reserve slots for any reason. All slots require a fully filled-out form submitted during the appropriate time.
If you would like to improve your chances of being selected, please have the following ready:
Patrons get first pick of all commissions.
Clear, digital references of your characters. With any additional details that are not shown on the references.
Themes and characters that fit my style, and do not violate the TOS.
Proper contact information.
Fully filled-out commission form.
We are very hands-on with our clients, we send WIPs of all commission types during the process. Do not post or redistribute sketches. WIPs will come with a large watermark to avoid theft and redistribution. After you receive the first WIP, edits such as facial expressions and any details we missed can be requested free of charge. Large edits such as a complete redraw of the sketch, or edits based off of information not provided in the application will come with a small fee. Edits will not be made until fee is payed.
A second WIP may be provided after edits are completed.
Any edits requested to change my "style" will be refused. Please be aware as an artist, my style shifts over time.Edits are limited to six months after completion.---GENERAL
►By commissioning Chowfur, you agree to a certain level of artistic liberty. We will not draw on-model characters.
► Chowfur reserves the right to decline, or refund any commission at any time.
► If Chowfur is not able to complete your commission, you will be notified and refunded.
► Chowfur require a clear digital reference sheet. We do not work from written descriptions.
► If client fails to provide details not shown or provided in the reference, and does not inform me prior to their commission being completed, any additional changes will be declined.
► Chowfur will not redo a commission once it has been completed. We are open to making small changes if necessary, which can be completed without an additional charge. Once a commission is completed, received, and approved by the client, no further changes will be made.
► Local clients may pick up their physical commissions instead of paying shipping. Chowfur will not personally deliver commissions to clients.
► If artistic liberty is requested, Chowfur will send a sketch for approval. We will make slight changes to the sketch if needed. If an entirely new sketch is requested, additional payment is required.
► A valid ID proving that the client is over the age of 18 is required to commission 18+ or nsfw content.
► If client is found supporting and/or is in groups who participate in zoophilia, pedophilia, transphobia, homophobia, Nazism, ect. They will immediately be refunded and blacklisted.
►Client agrees that adaptation of commissioned artwork from Chowfur with the intention to sell for profit falls under Commercial Use and requires Commercial Rights, which client does not automatically own. Commercial Rights to Chowfur's artwork for the purpose of profit may be purchased by the client from Chowfur for an additional fee. Fee is to be discussed beforehand.
► Chowfur retains the right to use commission work for advertisement, referencing, or hosting in our galleries. If client would prefer for their commission to be kept private, please notify us before payment is sent.
► Rights to original characters remain with their owners.
► Neither Chowfur nor client owns commercial rights to design or artworks. Neither can not use commission works for profit or commercial reasons. Clients can not print and redistribute Chowfur's work for profit. Clients can not mass produce Chowfur's work for profit.
►Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens. Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.
► You may print and use your commission for personal use. Examples of personal use include: printing completed commissions for home display, producing stickers for personal use, or producing badges for personal use.
► Do not edit Chowfur's work without permission. If edits are granted, no hate symbols are allowed to be correlated with our work.
► If a sketch has been sent for approval, and the client refuses the sketch and requests an entirely new sketch. Chowfur reserves the right to strip the characters of their defining features and re-sell the sketch pose for completion with another client.
► Chowfur does not provide the working files (.PSDs) to clients under any circumstances.
► Clients may re-post paid commissions and artworks if proper and full credit is given to Chowfur and you own the character depicted. Re-posting of other's commissions and personal works of Chowfur's is not permitted without explicit permission.
► Chowfur reserves the right to blacklist, and refuse service to any clients for any reason they deem valid.
► Payment is to be sent through Square invoice for digital commissions. You do not need a Square account! The only requirements is a working e-mail address and a valid debit or credit card. PayPal is not preferred, and is only accepted on case-to-case basis.
► Full payment is required up front before Chowfur begins work.
► The client has 24 hours to accept and pay for their commission before they are kicked from the queue.
► Local commissions may pay via cash.
► Clients must pay for their commission in full before work will be started.
► If a commission is canceled before work has begun, a full refund may be issued.
► If a commission has been partially completed before work has begun, a refund will not be issued.
► If a refund must be issued for any reason, the client will be blacklisted from commissioning in the future.
► Chowfur's queue is kept updated and public on Trello.
► Chowfur does our best to stick to self-set deadlines. Dates are subject to change, we do not work with specific deadlines. Dates on the queue are set by us, and are an estimate for when your project may be completed by.
---Chowfur retains the right to refuse any subject matter and content.
Below is a list of subjects Chowfur will, and will not accept.
Chowfur does not currently accept custom commissions that include explicit sexual themes that include genitalia. *special exceptions may be made to this rule.
If you have any questions about these restrictions, please contact us.
► Humans, most humanoids
► Hate symbols, or anything racist, sexist, or harmful
► Kids or young characters. Including anything that fetishizes child themes. (Diapers, bottles, ect)
► Copywritten characters
► Self harm scars
► Non consensual, rape themes
► Realistic feral (quadrupedal) animals or real animals in distress or in sexual context
► Characters with pawprints on their hips
► Realistic animal genitalia
► Genitalia heavily inspired by animal genitalia
► Bara, or excessive muscles
► Scat or Vomit
► Ageplay
► SFW ferals
► SFW anthros
► Cars, and vehicles
► Bipedal anthropomorphic animals in sexual context
► Vore (soft vore, digestion)
► Weight gain
► Dragons and monsters in sexual context
► Human genitalia
► Oviposition
► TF (transformation)
► Macro/Micro
► Hyper
► Any sex, gender, or body type
---Other questions or concerns?
Please email me. Be aware, I do not check social media DMs for work related business. The fastest way to reach me is through email.

frequently asked questions

if your question isnt answered here, please email me at chowfurart[at]

Chowfur is a small business LLC from Kentucky founded in 2017. We pride ourselves in our fast turnaround and excellent communication. Chowfur is primarily run by a single nonbinary dragon.
Fisher started drawing dragons when they were in elementary school, fueled by their love of fantasy novels. In middle school they found the furry fandom through Warrior Cats spoofs on YouTube and was quickly enthralled. They made a DeviantArt and went though several aliases before settling on Chowfur in 2017 after they bought their first fursuit, Chowder the chow chow. They worked on Chowfur part-time, primarily providing custom illustrations until 2020 when they quit their full time job to focus on expanding their brand. They then established their business officially under an LLC, and started an Etsy page where they sold their designs as stickers. They quickly grew out of their Etsy and established their own website to sell their merchandise. We accepted our first intern in 2022.
Now, we attend half a dozen conventions a year to bring you our products and services in person. We also run and manage a Patreon mail club, with physical and digital art rewards!
The best way to reach us is via e-mail: [email protected]
Small inquiries can be made through Twitter or Telegram, however the quickest way to reach us is via the above e-mail.
All price break downs can be found in the Commission tab. Prices may vary based on the client's needs.
We take most commissions through Google Forms.
After you submit a form, we will get back with you when we have an opening on my queue.
After that, we will collect billing information and any additional details that were not provided on the form. You will then be placed on the queue.
Once work has begun, we will send a sketch to you for approval.
Once approved, I will complete the commission. I will always ask if any additional edits need to be made before sending the full image. I send completed work through email or Telegram.
Once you are placed on the queue, we will typically add a self-set deadline. We do not work off of client deadlines.
Generally, we try to complete commissions within the same month, but things do come up and it may take longer than originally quoted. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are concerned about wait times.
Yes! Chowfur is run by one dragon, Fisher! I am a full time freelance artist.
Generally, no! We will make a public post when we have time for art trades on our social media.
We pride ourselves in our in-house shipping. We do not outsource to an outside warehouse. We do not dropship.
Chowfur strives for sustainability and responsible manufacturing. If not made entirely by us in-house, we work with responsible USA and China based manufactures.
We keep all our stock in our home studio and regularly rotate stock, therefore not all items are available at all times. We do our best to keep everything fully stocked at all times and make regular restocks. If we decide to retire a design, it will be removed from the website. If an item you want is out of stock, check back in a few weeks! If there is a specific item you are looking for, please e-mail [email protected] and we can provide more information!
Follow any of my socials for updates on restocks - @chowfurI ACCIDENTALLY ENTERED THE WRONG ADDRESS FOR MY ORDER, WHAT DO I DO?
Please e-mail us at [email protected] as soon as possible. If your order has not yet been shipped, we can correct the shipping address.
If the order has been shipped, we are not responsible for missing orders or orders sent to incorrect or undeliverable addresses provided by the buyer and no refunds will be issued.
If the order is returned to us in good condition, you may purchase additional shipping to the correct address and have your order reshipped.
All our orders are shipped through USPS.
We do our best to ship in-stock items within 3 business days (Monday-Friday). All orders are trackable. Please allow up to three days for a shipping notification on your purchase.
Domestic USA orders usually arrive 3-7 days after shipping.
International shipping typically takes 7-30 business days to arrive.
Please allow up to a month for pre-order items to ship. Any items ordered with a pre-order item will be held until the pre-order item is ready to ship. If you need a specific item shipped sooner than the pre-order item, please place a separate order from the pre-order item. Some pre-order items may take longer than a month to ship, please make sure to read the entire description of pre-order items for more specific information.Due to COVID-19, shipping prices and times have gone up. These are out of my control and I try my best to get your item out to you as soon and affordably as possibleDO I HAVE TO PAY CUSTOMS FEES?
Chowfur does not cover customs fees. We will not alter packages in any way to bypass customs fees. This includes marking it as a gift or any other method of tampering.
We do our best to make sure that everything is accounted for, but we are human and we make mistakes!
Please e-mail us at [email protected] with your order number and we will fix it!
We print off shipping labels in our studio. After your label has been printed, tracking is applied before we drop it off at the post office. We drop off packages within 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri), shipping should show up 3 days after its been "shipped".
I do not offer priority/rushed shipping at this time.
Start by checking your tracking number. If the package is marked as "Delivered", contact your local post office and see if they can give you any additional information. Check with roommates, under and around your front door, and with neighbors to see if they accidentally handed it off to the wrong house.
The following information is cited directly from the USPS website.
"If you have received a delivery notification and your package is not where you are expecting it, please allow up to 24 hours before contacting your local post office. Oftentimes there are gaps in between when drivers perform a delivery scan and when the package is dropped off."
Start by following the information in the above FAQ.
If your package is believed to be lost, stolen, or missing, start by looking up your order information in your e-mails. Verify that your full name and address (including city, state, zip code, and all relevant unit/apartment numbers are correct. If you have done so, and all your information looks correct please consult the FAQ provided by USPS.
The most ideal way to handle these situations is to contact your local post office. They are the most equipped to help you track down your package.
If you have contacted USPS and they are unable to assist you, please e-mail us at [email protected].
When contacting regarding a missing package, please make sure to include the following information:
Your order number.
Your full name and confirmed address.
As much information relevant to your case as possible.
We will ask the following to try and help you find your package. If you are reading this, please include the information to these questions:
Do you live with any roommates or family members who may have intercepted your package?
Have you checked with your adjacent neighbors to see if they have received your package by mistake?
We understand how frustrating a lost package can be. Please be patient and understanding with us throughout this process!Please note that Chowfur is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Chowfur is not responsible for lost mail wherein the customer did not provide their full, legal name. We ask that you do not under any circumstances provide an alias or different moniker for your shipping information. Otherwise we will not be held responsible for any package not arriving at its destination. Your full legal name is a requirement for delivery services, and without your full legal name, we can not guarantee safe delivery.DO YOU OFFER CANCELLATIONS, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES?
All sales are final. We do not offer cancellations, returns, or exchanges.
Read through each listing carefully before purchasing. If there is a problem with your order, please reach out via email [email protected] as soon as possible with your concern.
Oh no! We are human, it happens! We will address quality issues on a case-to-case basis. We have a strong commitment to the quality of our products. Please note that regular wear and tear does not constitute a product as defective. For proper care of your items, please see the appropriate care instructions located on your items listing.
We can only exchange items on a one-to-one basis. We will not replace one item with another of the same, less, or greater value. The only exception to this rule is if we are out of stock of your defective item.
Please e-mail us at [email protected] with your order number and we will fix it!
We are not currently hiring or accepting interns!
Please e-mail us at [email protected] for submission and collaboration inquiries!