Hello!! Im Callie, also known as Chowder/Fisher! I enjoy drawing furry art and comics. When I am not working my full-time job, I am usually found drawing or reading a fantasy novel. I've found comfort in art since I was a child, and started using digital media as my primary platform at the age of eleven. I currently freelance part-time, but I would love to make art my full time job one day. Thank you for being intrested in my work! If youre intrested in commissions, please read through my terms of service and feel free to message me via email or any of my social medias!

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commissions currently:

Choose a google form link below to submit an application for a commission. If the form is closed,I am not taking on new commissions. Please review my TOS before submitting an application.

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the client agrees to the following

Please read through this page. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. No refunds will be given due to misunderstanding these terms.

Last updated 05.13.2020

► I reserve the right to decline, or refund any commission.
► I require a clear digital reference sheet.
► The client has 1-7 business days to accept and pay for their commission before they are kicked from the queue.
► All work I create is copyright to me and I am free to use it for advertisement and host in my galleries. If you would prefer for your commission to be kept private, please notify me before payment is sent.
► If I am not able to complete your commission, you will be notified and refunded.
► I will not redo a commission once complete, though I will make small changes if necessary and completed with no additional charge.
► You may not use my work for profit or commercial reasons unless discussed beforehand.
► Do not edit my work without my permission.


► Payment is to be sent through PayPal for digital commissions.
► Local commissions may pay via cash.
► Clients must pay for their commission in full before work will be started.
► If a commission is canceled before work has begun, a full refund may be issued.
► If a commission has been partially completed before work has begun, a refund will not be issued.
► If a refund must be issued for any reason, the client will be blacklisted from commissioning me in the future.

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character art

Custom art of your character!


Flat, tiny drawing of one character of choice

► $20


Neck-up drawing of one character

► $30

full body

Full-body drawing of your character

► $50

NSFW ... +$30
Extra Characters ... +$40

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telegram stickers

Custom stickers for the instant messaging app, telegram

Singles ... $10
Four Pack ... $35
Eight Pack ... $70

YCH ... +$5
Extra Character ... +$7
NSFW ... +$7

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